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Jordan Adler

Jordan is a 7-figure earner in his company, a legend in the network marketing profession and one of the most authentic and caring people you will ever meet. You may recognize him as the author of the popular book "Beach Money" which has become a go to book for anyone serious about building a business from home. In short, he's the kind of guy who is adored by everyone who meets him, and gives network marketing a VERY good name!

And he is also someone you definitely want to learn from – not just because he's created such inspiring success in his business, but more importantly because of the momentous challenges and failures he's experienced on the way to the top. Jordan is definitely not one of those "overnight success stories". He's a guy who struggled for years, experienced all kinds of disappointment and setbacks, and had good reason to give up on his dreams many times.

But he didn't. And what he learned through all his setbacks is the very reason he eventually rose to the top of his company. This hard-earned knowledge and insight is exactly what YOU need to know if you want to breakthrough to a new level in YOUR business. You can move through your own learning curve (and save yourself a lot of time and heartache) by learning directly from Jordan Adler!

During this interview, Jordan answers questions you've likely been asking yourself, such as:

What do you do when you set up a meeting with someone and they don't show up?

light bulb moment

How do you stay inspired and in action when "nothing seems to be working?

What's the best way to use networking events to find new leads? (He's a master at this!)

How can you create a vision that gets you through the tough times?

What are the best ways to lead/coach a team so they stay inspired long enough to see success?

How can you set up your business so you have more free time?

What's the best thing to do when people quit on you? How can you turn this "defeat" into a win and keep going?

How can you use your business as a "force" for good, giving you an even stronger sense of purpose and drive?

These are just a handful of the ideas he covers, so be sure to have be something handy to take notes because by the end of this audio you'll have a page full of powerful tips that will help you feel more confident and inspired, and new ideas to spark some exciting growth in your business.

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Here's just a few of the raving comments we've received on this free training...

Wow!! Thanks to you and Jordan Adler for taking the time to share your expertise and powerful knowledge this morning on the conference call (London time). I have learnt so much that I'm glad I sat up all night to take part! It was powerfully informative... when listening to the call I immediately felt a shift in my confidence and the way that I will go about presenting my business to others. I look forwarded to the recording & future events that you may have coming up too!! ~Pauline Rattery

Amazing call!!! Thank you!!!! :) ~Sara Marble

Please archive this call! You both were AMAZING!!!! Thank you! ~ Debi Granite

Amazing call tonight! I had just finished reading Beach Money earlier in the week so hearing from him was really great! I am pumped!! :) ~Livvy Cunnigham

Fabulous call! Worth staying up till 3.30am for!!! Thanks for organizing it! ~Caroline J

First time on one of your calls. It was so amazing! I've heard of Jordan and his "Beach Money" book but I thought that it would be the same stuff most of us have bought and read (same old-same old). Loved his easy way of telling his story. Went to his site and, of course, purchased his book and then some. Thanks so much for the opportunity ~Helena G

It was a GREAT call tonight with Jordan! Thank you Sonia for organizing it!~ Galina Babushkin

highly recommended

Thank you for the Jordan Adler Session. I absolutely love love loved it...gave me new inspiration and energy for the business. ~Hazel Nitis

Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and golden nuggets of wisdom both you and Jordan shared. ~Stacey Norman

That was a great session Sonia, thanks for bringing such a great guy to speak to us! ~Dianne J

Thank you Sonia. That was an awesome call. I was ready to hear it all. Much appreciated. ~Linda R

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Jordan is also a HUGE advocate of women in business (we'll share a little bit about this on the call too. You'll be TOTALLY inspired to hear how he's using his business to change the lives of thousands of women globally!

I know just hearing about this will get you thinking bigger about your own business, and what YOU can do to have more impact with your business in the next few years!)

Enjoy the audio!

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